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Do you know all the stories behind your Wrap! and how far they have gone in order to finally be in your hands?

Go ahead and take a look at this Wild! Ride

It all started 8 years ago when our founder, Pier Paolo Colonello, was tied up in debts after a backpacking trip through Mexico with his girlfriend. Sure, they had the time of their lives, but once back to reality and already graduated from university, he had to come with a good idea...and soon!

And that was the moment when Pier was illuminated  and he came up with Wrap! a 10 - 1 multifunctional bandana that could be used in any lifestyle or outdoor activity.

After the idea came up, he had to come up with an action plan. Like any emerging venture, it started small...reeeally small. Actually, it was just him and his sister at the beginning who did all the work. You can imagine how happy Pier's mom was after she saw their own house turned into a warehouse!

At the same time he was trying to get Wrap! started and running, Pier was also working in a traditional corporate company. After a year with this crazy lifestyle, he decided to resign to his corporate position so he could dedicate 100% of his time to making his dream come true. (Once again...Pier's mom super happy with his decision .) She always imagined her son would follow the traditional path of a corporate career in order to become one day CEO of a large and prestigious company.


The first years were extremely difficult for many reasons. In order to get Wrap running, Pier had to ask for a debt to his mother - money she was specially saving for a new house mortage. One year later, when she needed the money back, Pier was not able to pay her back...oops! Once again, he had to think of a new action plan.

Once they were on the right path, Wrap started to grow and strengthen, and with that they needed a couple more hands to help out. We started with small shops knocking door by door, and these stores turned out to be the first ones that believed in us and gave us the space to keep on working on our dream.


As Wrap! kept on growing, so did our Wild team. Our company is now led by hard working young professionals that believe in innovation and performance in order to create the best experience for our clients.We are a team that loves everything we do, and while our headquarters are based in Chile, we always maintain a global mindset in our business.

The wild spirit is something wealways maintain in our daily tasks. While we work really hard in order to make Wrap! the best it can be, we also have fun and enjoy every day.We sometimes even go for fresh air and ideas and work at the beach  or mountains 


We are currently 100% focused on our Wrap! e-commerce business, working hard every day in order to make our customers happy and to provide the best experience they can get.There is no doubt that the path has been rough, with many obstacles to overcome, but we do not deny we have been very lucky and have met incredible people and established long lasting friendships along the way.

We invite you to keep on being part of this Wild journey!


With a more consolidated team and brand, we started trying and discovering new paths. That's when Wrap's two brother brands were born.

Wild Protein was born as we faced the need of finding real food that could also taste good. We currently offer both tasty and natural protein bars.


"Wildy Sustainable & Wildy Authentic"

Wild Lama is our third brand, specialized in Apparel & Accessories and inspired on our outdoor surroundings and the wild spirit. All of our products and actions are based in 5 fundamental pillars: fair trade - products with cause - recycled material - reused material - organic material.

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