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too much altitude ⛰ and too much sun exposure ☀️ has probably damaged our sanity, but here's our offer for you TODAY:

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Wild Wrap will join you in all your adventures

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We are giving you 5 of our best Face Shields for just 19.90

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No? Then maybe you should also check the 10 different ways you can use your wrap (#4 is so clever! Who knew you could wear a faceshield like that? You'll even save some bucks with it 👍😃 )

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And while you are using your wild wrap you will get:


Amazing, right?

But maybe you are wondering ...

"How about my style?!"

"I don't want to have just one option. That's not my vibe."

And you're absolutely right

That's why you won't get 1 or 2 or 3 ... You'll get 5 different styles!

And you'll also be able to choose which pack has the most groove for you, among this three unique ones:


Classic vibe

Boho Vibe

Risky Vibe

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