Recycled Beanie Southern Right Whale

This beanie is made of 1.4 plastic bottles.

How was the process?
The bottles are crushed and melted, then converted into strong polyester fiber threads 
and finally into the traditional fibre.

Learn a little more about the southern whale: it is a large whale, the females can measure more than 17 meters long, the males being a little smaller. Its weight is around 45 tons. The head occupies almost 1/3 of the body length and its arched mouth houses long beards of up to 3 meters in length. Generally it moves slowly and on the surface, however sometimes they can be very active, performing jumps and tail flicks.

Illustration by @cshildebrandt

Illustration by @hugotapiaberardi

Color: Blue
Made of 1.4 plastic bottles
Material: 100% Recycled Polyester

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